The Idaho Freedom Caucus is a dedicated group of state legislators committed to safeguarding the freedoms and liberty of Idahoans. They have a proven track record of ACTUAL conservative action. You won’t hear them use coded leftist rhetoric like “pragmatic” or “common sense” when discussing policy. Idaho Freedom Caucus members are principled, proven conservatives who consistently uphold their conservative values and beliefs.

Membership is extended only to those with a demonstrated liberty track record.

The Idaho Freedom Caucus is committed to promoting responsible government. Members believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability and reject ALL forms of supremacy, including racial, sexual, aristocratic, or religious supremacy. We also reject hate and violence in ALL forms for the advancement of any political, social, religious or economic change. We believe in using nonviolence and engagement in the system of government to effect peaceful political change and promote responsible government.

 As part of the State Freedom Caucus Network (11 states and growing), the Idaho Freedom Caucus has a strong platform to develop effective strategies, analyze policies, and promote solutions that prioritize liberty according to Idaho’s unique needs and values. By collaborating with other states, the caucus strengthens its ability to champion these shared principles and work towards a freer, more prosperous Idaho. Importantly, their collective efforts also positively influence the promotion of liberty across the nation.

Idaho Freedom Caucus Public Members

Heather Scott

State Representative / Co-Chair

Tammy Nichols

State Senator / Co-Chair

Dale Hawkins

State Representative

Glenneda Zuiderveld

State Senator

Elaine Price

State Representative

Brian Lenney

State Senator

Mike Kingsley

State Representative

Joe Alfieri

State Representative

Cindy Carlson

State Senator

Jacyn Gallagher

State Representative

Scott Herndon

State Senator

Tony Wisniewski

State Representative

Maria Nate – Idaho Director, State Freedom Caucus Network

Maria serves as the Idaho State Director for the State Freedom Caucus Network and brings decades of knowledge and experience from corporate, education, and political circles.


Join us! Get involved with the Idaho Freedom Caucus and be a part of creating real change. Connect through social media, calls, or in-person meetings to share your concerns, discuss issues, and arrange speaking engagements. We are dedicated to working year-round, beyond the legislative session. Reach out and connect with us today to make a meaningful difference together!


Building on the success of the Federal House Freedom Caucus, the State Freedom Caucus Network helps establish State Freedom Caucuses nationwide and provides high-level staff, strategy, and community conservatives needed to take ground across the country.