Liberals are expanding their arsenal beyond cancel culture, resorting to litigation as a weapon to suppress dissenting speech. This alarming trend of litigation terrorism aims to silence individuals.

Liberals have long wielded the weapon of cancel culture to suppress dissenting speech. Now, they’ve added another weapon to their arsenal: litigation. This legal bullying tactic is designed to crush free expression and infringe upon the rights of individuals with differing opinions. Using threats of lawsuits and legal action, they seek to drain the finances and silence those who refuse to conform to their ideological narrative. This strategy can only be described as “litigation terrorism.”

A constituent of Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld, who dared express criticism of an “all-ages PG drag brunch” hosted at a local cafe, received a demand letter. The letter gave him a grim choice: to avoid further litigation, he must write a retraction and apology letter, unequivocally admitting his alleged wrongdoing. On top of that, he is being coerced to pay a hefty sum of $25,000 to the cafe or a lesser amount of $1,500 to an extremist group associated with the event. This apparent act of extortion seeks to silence his free speech and enforce ideological conformity through fear and financial coercion.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

The Idaho Freedom Caucus will not tolerate the targeted extortion of private citizens for exercising their right to free speech. We strongly condemn these despicable tactics and are dedicated to exposing and confronting the plague of liberal litigation terrorism wherever it appears.

In the upcoming session, our caucus will champion Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) laws that will allow for the prompt dismissal of frivolous lawsuits brought against defendants exercising their First Amendment rights.

We stand firm in protecting the rights of all individuals to express their opinions without intimidation. Through threats and financial coercion, these extremists aim to undermine the essence of our free society and quash any form of opposition. We reject liberal litigation terrorism and remain committed to safeguarding our constitutional rights.

In Liberty,

Idaho Freedom Caucus