Editorial from Rep. Mike Kingsley, Sen. Cindy Carlson, & Sen. Dan Foreman

In a recent editorial, Marty Trillhaase from the liberal Lewiston Tribune served up a prime example of biased journalism. He’s more interested in demonizing the Idaho Freedom Caucus than addressing the crucial issue of protecting kids. By attacking us personally, he avoided confronting the serious implications of the American Library Association’s extreme radical ideological leanings and their impact on our library system.

As parents, we must acknowledge that modern libraries differ from the ones we knew growing up. The ALA’s woke agenda and clear radical bias are being pushed into our libraries and onto our kids.

Local and school libraries contain harmful material, as defined in Idaho Code 18-1514. Despite the denial from the ALA, the Idaho Library Association, and librarians during the 2023 Legislative Session, such material exists in libraries across the state. It’s important to recognize that you are being told a lie, and they are counting on you not to act. Don’t rely on these so-called “professionals” to protect your children. They have no plans to shield kids from this filth unless forced to do so.

The persistent denial by both Republican and Democrat legislators of the existence and impact of these books is frustrating and disheartening. They were presented with dozens of books meant for children, introducing them to various sex acts. These books promote deviant sexual behavior, including that oral, anal, and traditional sex at ANY AGE is appropriate, including children having sex with adults. Kids as young as four are exposed to this filth, and older kids can freely access any book they want online through provided digital portals. Why is this issue being dismissed despite the evidence?

While far-left bureaucrats and politicians were busy dismissing the claim that children had access to obscene material, your conservative legislators worked tirelessly to strengthen Idaho State Code regarding “Material Harmful to Minors.” We fought hard to stop this garbage from getting into the hands of minors. Unfortunately, House Bill 314, one of the first steps to protecting kids, failed to become law after the Governor’s veto, and the House fell short of an override by just one vote. The bill did not ban books or put librarians in jail! It focused on requiring schools and libraries to take reasonable steps to remove harmful material and prevent minors from accessing it. Our commitment to protecting children in all our communities remains steadfast.

What type of person wants children to have access to this garbage? Why would administrators, teachers, school board members, parents, librarians, or library associations expose kids to such inappropriate content? If you genuinely care about children, TAKE ACTION! Demand your schools and public libraries adopt stringent policies that keep this material out of reach for minors unless accompanied by a parent. There is no valid reason to use such content for educational purposes. We must hold institutions accountable and not let them get away with this.

Pornography accessed by minors harms a child’s precious brain, distorts their view of sex and people, and negatively impacts their quality of life. It can lead children to harm others and teaches them that sex is selfish and violent. Pornography is addictive, and exposure at a young age can result in a lifetime of mental illness. This is nothing short of child abuse!

This is a huge issue in Idaho. It’s time to stand up for children by getting involved and supporting efforts to SAVE IDAHO KIDS! The extreme left has explicitly stated their intentions to target children. We must take action to protect the well-being and innocence of our kids.

We, along with our fellow Idaho Freedom Caucus members, renew our call that all libraries and librarians in Idaho cut ties with the radical American Library Association. Taxpayer money shouldn’t push this agenda on our children. Let kids be kids.