It’s time to take action!

Our local libraries have been treasured community spaces for learning, research, and connecting with others—a haven where children can safely explore and learn. Sadly, today’s libraries differ from those we grew up with. The American Library Association (ALA), led by a self-professed Marxist, has embraced a radical agenda that undermines the traditional family values of the communities they serve. Through its promotion of woke policies, the ALA is attempting to reshape libraries into centers of political activism.

The American Accountability Foundation recently published an in-depth report on ALA’s woke agenda that you should read. They found that the ALA has:

  • Promoted drag queen story hours for children as young as toddlers.
  • Supported radical and divisive diversity programs.
  • Pushed highly inappropriate and sexualized reading lists at libraries.
  • Promoted sexual content to minors.
  • Pushed gender ideology content to minors.
  • Elected a self-proclaimed “Marxist lesbian” as its president.
  • Conspired to prevent Christians from holding events at public libraries.
  • Promoted Critical Race Theory.
  • Awarded its James Madison Award to prominent progressive George Soros.

If you find this shocking, you should know that your local property tax dollars and taxpayer-funded grants provide the funds to pay for this radicalization of our public libraries through dues and conference fees. Taxpayer dollars should never support the American Library Association in any way.

So, what can concerned citizens do? It’s time to take action.

  1. Attend the next library board meeting. Ask if your library is part of the American Library Association and if they fund ALA training for staff. If so, educate them on the ALA’s radical views and agenda and work together to modify the library’s mission statement to be more pro-family.
  2. Demand that your local library completely sever ties with the American Library Association, ensuring no public funding is allocated to them. Implement a policy like this:The XXXX library will no longer have any association with, nor be associated with the American Library Association (ALA), its affiliate organizations, subdivisions, or subsidiaries thereof. No XXXX public funding will be used for any membership, training, informational services, or events sponsored by the aforementioned groups or associated groups. XXXX policies will be adjusted to reflect the same.
  3. If your library board isn’t responsive, gather your like-minded friends and family and step up to run for a position on the board. This will help drive change from within.
  4. Insist that your library establishes a policy to protect children from harmful, sexually explicit content. You can find an example here (courtesy of our friends at Mass Resistance.)

This issue holds significant importance in Idaho. The extreme left has made it clear they’re targeting kids. The time has come to step up and protect Idaho’s children! Your involvement and voice will make a difference. By taking these proactive steps, you can help libraries return to what they were meant for, giving everyone fair access to information, fostering open discussion, and upholding community values.

The Idaho Freedom Caucus continues to call on all libraries and librarians in Idaho to sever their ties with the American Library Association and its radical agenda.