by Senator Brian Lenney

Governors Jared Polis (CO) and Spencer Cox (UT), backed by a cheering squad from the National Governors Association, are out peddling their shiny new toy, the “Disagree Better” initiative.

Sounds nice, right? Like a sitcom full of handshakes and hugs. But let’s get real – it’s about as believable as finding a unicorn munching on your front lawn. They’re basically telling us freedom fighters to holster our weapons in the middle of a firefight. But they’re forgetting what being free truly means. We’re Americans – we don’t hold back, we say it straight, no chaser, and we thrive in the rough and tumble of passionate debates.

Now, our leaders – they’re not there to win the popularity contest. They’re supposed to be like the captains of our ship, guiding us through a sea of clashing views. They stick to their guns, fight for their values, and don’t exchange their principles for a few moments of peace.

So when Polis starts preaching about “civil conversations,” it’s like suggesting a tea break during a boxing match. Sure, we all love a bit of politeness, but when it becomes a roadblock to doing what’s right, that’s where we draw the line.

Check this out – a recent CNN poll shows a Grand Canyon-sized divide among Americans politically. And some are treating it like the end of the world. But honestly? It just proves how resilient and independent we are. It’s a testament to our disagreeable spirit. And it shows that we’re in the heat of the action and holding our leaders accountable (not just idly standing on the sidelines waving flags).

Elections should be a ruthless clash of beliefs and ideologies, not a lazy river ride toward an open goal. But here’s the kicker – even as they’re singing “Kumbaya,” both governors are stirring the pot on some sensitive topics.

Take Cox’s pro-life stance in Utah or Polis’s endorsement of abortion and gender surgeries. They’re throwing punches in the political ring while pretending they’d rather have a peaceful picnic. Talk about hypocrisy!

So instead of urging people to “disagree better,” how about we inspire them to stand up for their beliefs with guts, guile, and a dash of grit?

Because freedom isn’t about organizing a tea party for identical ideas; it’s an arena where the strongest beliefs reign supreme. It’s the tug-of-war that drives a free society.

So let’s not call for a time-out. Let’s crank up the volume and charge forward. Because that’s what real, vibrant, free societies are made of.